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Chronic pain incidence and persistence.

The Burden of Chronic Pain: Many New Cases, Lots of Persistence

In the first study of its kind, researchers examine chronic pain incidence and persistence in a nationally representative sample of adults in the United States. It's likely the burden of pain is much higher than reported in the study when taking migraine into account.
AI chatbot to answer health questions.

Responding to Patient Questions: Is an AI Chatbot Better Than a Doctor?

A new study shows that ChatGPT provides higher-quality and more empathetic answers. Like healthcare professionals in other fields, those who care for people with migraine and headache need to take stock of this disruptive technology.
Neuroimmune signaling in migraine.

A Neuroimmune Signaling Pathway Drives Chronic Headache

A new study in mice finds that CCL2-CCR2 signaling in macrophages and T cells sensitizes trigeminal ganglion neurons, driving chronic headache in migraine models. With synergistic effects on CGRP, the pathway could be a new therapeutic target for migraine.



The Role of Lifestyle Factors in Migraine and How to Implement Behavioral Change: A Podcast with Elizabeth Seng

In this MSC podcast, Elizabeth Seng discusses how lifestyle factors, including stress, sleep, diet, and physical activity contribute to migraine, and the best way to implement behavioral change to improve the lives of people who have this disorder.
Behavioral therapies for migraine.

Behavioral Therapies for Migraine: A Podcast with Dawn Buse

In this MSC podcast, Dr. Dawn Buse discusses how she began her career as a migraine researcher and clinical psychologist, the use of behavioral therapies for migraine, and some of her most important epidemiological research findings to date.

The Untapped Opportunity to Better Understand Migraine in Children and Adolescents: A Podcast with Serena Orr

In this MSC podcast, Serena Orr discusses her path to pediatric migraine research, some of her recent work on the role of anxiety and depression in kids with migraine, how adverse childhood experiences affect pediatric migraine, as well as the need for more funding of headache research.

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