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A Migraine Journey from New York City to Costa Rica and Back: A Chat with Migraine Patient Advocate Danielle Newport Fancher

In this MSC interview, migraine patient advocate Danielle Newport Fancher discusses her migraine journey, the problem of migraine stigma, and her advocacy efforts.

Body and Mind, Emotion and Suffering, Consciousness and More: Pain Never Comes in a Pure Form – A Chat with Carl Saab

Professor Saab discusses the challenges of developing an objective pain diagnostic – including one for migraine – the nature of pain, and his vision for the future of migraine research and treatment.
migraine stigma

Stigma’s Impact on Chronic Pain – Including Migraine

A new study assesses the contributors to and the effects of pain stigma.



Career Advancement in the Headache Field: What Are the Obstacles? A Podcast with Irene de Boer and Gisela Terwindt

In this MSC podcast, two co-authors of a recent cross-sectional survey study discuss what is holding back the careers of headache professionals.
Data Visualizations

Cluster Headache: An Economic, Professional, and Personal Burden – A Data Visualization

This Migraine Science Collaborative data visualization depicts the effects of cluster headache on professional, social and family life, and on healthcare costs. How these effects differ between chronic cluster headache and episodic cluster headache is a particular focus.

The “Middle Child” of the Opioid Receptor Family: Targeting the Delta Opioid Receptor as a Promising Treatment Approach for Migraine – A Podcast with Amynah Pradhan

Neuroscientist Amynah Pradhan chats about the promise of targeting delta opioid receptors as a way to treat migraine safely and effectively, her recent work on neuronal complexity, and much more.

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