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Anti-prolactin antibody for migraine and pain

A Novel Prolactin Antibody Prevents Pain Behaviors in Female Mice

The new approach paves the way for a better understanding of prolactin in female-predominant conditions, including migraine and pain disorders. But targeting prolactin as a potential treatment approach in people faces significant challenges.
migraine rare variants

A Genetic Deep Dive to Find What’s Rare in Migraine

A GWAS meta-analysis uncovers rare genetic variants, with large effects, associated with migraine. The research also pinpoints variants unique to different migraine subtypes.
Interview with Anna Andreou

Approaching Migraine from All Angles: An Interview with Anna Andreou

In this exclusive Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Dr. Anna Andreou discusses her career path to becoming a headache disorder researcher, the projects she is working on, and much more.


Podcast with Neil Andrews and the Vets First Podcast hosts

Migraine, Science Communications, and More: A Wide-Ranging Conversation on the Vets First Podcast

Dr. Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea, hosts of the Vets First Podcast, are joined by MSC executive editor Neil Andrews for a collaborative interview about migraine and science communications.
Podcast with Anne Luebke.

Understanding Vestibular Migraine: A Podcast with Anne Luebke

Dr. Luebke sat down with MSC at the 2023 International Headache Congress in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss her work using preclinical models to investigate vestibular migraine.

The Role of Lifestyle Factors in Migraine and How to Implement Behavioral Change: A Podcast with Elizabeth Seng

In this MSC podcast, Elizabeth Seng discusses how lifestyle factors, including stress, sleep, diet, and physical activity contribute to migraine, and the best way to implement behavioral change to improve the lives of people who have this disorder.

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