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Why Does Sumatriptan Only Work for Headache Disorders?

A new study further advances the case that the drug suppresses central sensitization, acting only in the trigeminal nociceptive system.

When a Migraine Lasts for Days: Gaining a Sense of the Scope of the Problem

A new study provides the first population-based estimate of the incidence of status migrainosus.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Chronic Pain, Including Migraine: More Than Black versus White

A new study examines pain prevalence in Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, multiracial and Native American adults in the United States. The work finds that differences between Black and White groups pale in comparison to differences between other racial/ethnic groups.



The 2022 Migraine Science Collaborative Virtual Poster Contest

The November 30th event featured up-and-coming researchers who are investigating migraine and other topics with significant implications for this condition.

Career Advancement in the Headache Field: What Are the Obstacles? A Podcast with Irene de Boer and Gisela Terwindt

In this MSC podcast, two co-authors of a recent cross-sectional survey study discuss what is holding back the careers of headache professionals.

The “Middle Child” of the Opioid Receptor Family: Targeting the Delta Opioid Receptor as a Promising Treatment Approach for Migraine – A Podcast with Amynah Pradhan

Neuroscientist Amynah Pradhan chats about the promise of targeting delta opioid receptors as a way to treat migraine safely and effectively, her recent work on neuronal complexity, and much more.