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Headache Disorders in Veterans: A Big Problem

Two recent studies highlight the impact of headache and migraine in US veterans, with a focus on gender differences and other factors.

The Role of Animal Models in Migraine Research: A Conversation with Andy Russo

In this MSC interview, Professor Russo discusses his path to migraine research, animal models of migraine, and much more.

A New Approach to Migraine Treatment: Found in Translation?

A preclinical study reports that targeting an enzyme with a crucial role in protein synthesis improves hypersensitivity in rodent models of migraine. The strategy has promising therapeutic potential to treat migraine in people.


Behavioral therapies for migraine.

Behavioral Therapies for Migraine: A Podcast with Dawn Buse

In this MSC podcast, Dr. Dawn Buse discusses how she began her career as a migraine researcher and clinical psychologist, the use of behavioral therapies for migraine, and some of her most important epidemiological research findings to date.

The Untapped Opportunity to Better Understand Migraine in Children and Adolescents: A Podcast with Serena Orr

In this MSC podcast, Serena Orr discusses her path to pediatric migraine research, some of her recent work on the role of anxiety and depression in kids with migraine, how adverse childhood experiences affect pediatric migraine, as well as the need for more funding of headache research.

The 2022 Migraine Science Collaborative Virtual Poster Contest

The November 30th event featured up-and-coming researchers who are investigating migraine and other topics with significant implications for this condition.

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