About The Migraine Science Collaborative

The MSC Mission

To accelerate research advances in migraine and headache diseases.

Migraine is one of the most common and disabling health disorders worldwide – and yet it remains underrecognized by healthcare providers, policy makers, and society at large. Many people with migraine do not respond to current treatments, and they are often stigmatized by society, further increasing the burden of disease. And, despite the overwhelming need for better treatments and improved understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms of migraine, research into this condition remains woefully underfunded.

It is against this backdrop that the Migraine Science Collaborative (MSC) emerged.

MSC is a non-profit news website and information resource hub for the global community of migraine and headache basic scientists, clinical researchers, and clinicians. Originally created in 2020 and re-launched in 2022, MSC is an international hub for members of that community to convene for coverage of the latest developments in the field and to participate in discussion and debate that will drive migraine research and care forward. This will lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms of migraine, improved treatments, greater societal recognition of migraine, and increased research funding.

Guided by a world-class editorial board of researchers and clinicians, MSC provides:

  • News and analysis of the latest research findings
  • Recaps of the scientific literature
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Data visualizations
  • Webinars
  • Reader-generated commentary and discussion
  • Resources including a member directory, an events calendar, and job and grant postings

MSC is published and financially supported by the Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD), a non-profit organization that strives to expand the understanding of migraine by supporting research, education and awareness. MSC is editorially independent of AMD.

All content on MSC is freely available as a service to the migraine and headache research and clinical communities. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license, except where otherwise noted. All MSC visitors are free to share and re-post MSC content provided this is for non-commercial purposes and citation of the original source is provided. For other uses, you may request permission by contacting the MSC editor: neil@migrainecollaborative.org

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