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The “Middle Child” of the Opioid Receptor Family: Targeting the Delta Opioid Receptor as a Promising Treatment Approach for Migraine – A Podcast with Amynah Pradhan

Neuroscientist Amynah Pradhan chats about the promise of targeting delta opioid receptors as a way to treat migraine safely and effectively, her recent work on neuronal complexity, and much more.

Migraine Changes the Structure of Neurons in the Brain – and Quickly, Too

A new study in mice shows that migraine alters neuronal complexity in pain-processing regions in the brain within hours.
Large clinical trial shows efficacy and safety of e-TNS

Large Clinical Trial Shows Efficacy and Safety of External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation for Migraine Treatment

A study of more than 500 patients across 10 sites in the US reaches its primary outcomes of pain freedom and resolution of most bothersome symptoms. Does this pave the way for more widespread clinical use of neuromodulation?
A Drug That Boosts Naturally Occurring Opioids Eases Migraine Pain in an Animal Model.

A Drug That Boosts Naturally Occurring Opioids Eases Migraine Pain in an Animal Model

PL37, which inhibits the enzymes that degrade enkephalins, reduces migraine pain in rats.
Schwann cells and migraine

Are Schwann Cells the Bad Guys of Migraine Pain?

New findings in mice show that CGRP activates Schwann cells to sensitize trigeminal neurons, leading to migraine-like pain.
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