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Global burden of migraine.

The Worldwide Burden of Migraine Remains High

A new analysis of Global Burden of Disease data from 37 disorders affecting the nervous system finds that migraine ranks third globally in terms of disability-adjusted life-years.
Migraine, headache and media.

Migraine and Headache in the Media: An Interview with Thien Phu Do

Dr. Thien Phu Do discusses his latest paper and related research, and why so many patients are turning to the Internet for answers.
Green light for migraine and pain.

Going Green (Light) for Migraine and Pain: A Conversation with Mohab Ibrahim

In this MSC interview, Mohab Ibrahim discusses the science of green light, its potential as a therapy for migraine and pain, and lingering questions about the approach.
Jason Sico

A Whole-Health Approach to Caring for Veterans with Headache Disorders: A Conversation with Jason Sico

In this exclusive MSC interview, Dr. Jason Sico talks about what drew him to work with veterans and the special considerations needed to treat the approximately two million veterans living with headache and migraine.

Image vs. Reality: What Does a Migraine Attack Really Look Like?

A new study finds that popular stock images depicting a migraine attack are not realistic, nor are they representative of how people view their own attacks.
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