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CGRP-targeted therapies

Sex Differences in CGRP-Targeted Therapies

A new post-hoc analysis of FDA reviews shows a significant sex difference in the effectiveness of gepants for acute migraine therapy.
2024 Headache on the Hill

A Safe Step in the Right Direction

The 2024 Headache on the Hill boasted the most diverse contingent of delegates ever, all working together to bring key legislation to the House floor.
COVID-19 and pediatric pain.

Pain in Children: A COVID-19 Paradox

A new analysis shows decreased prevalence of pediatric chronic pain during the first year of the pandemic, compared to 2019. Less school bullying, as well as higher family resilience and more frequent family meals, may have contributed to the surprising finding.
Migraine-related stigma

New Evidence That It’s Time to OVERCOME Migraine Stigma

A population-based study, OVERCOME, reveals that a large number of people living with migraine experience stigma – and a poorer quality of life as a result.
Big data and acute migraine medications

Which Acute Migraine Medications Work Best? Taking a Big Data Approach

Researchers use e-diary smartphone data for head-to-head comparisons of 25 acute migraine medications. Reassuringly, the results are consistent with current clinical guidelines.
CGRP and migraine prodrome.

Treating Migraine Before It Begins with a CGRP Inhibitor

A new trial shows that ubrogepant, a small-molecule calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist, prevents headache when taken during the prodrome phase. The findings have large clinical implications.
Interview with Tobias Kurth

Taking a Lifespan Approach to Untangle the Migraine-Cardiovascular Disease Link: A Conversation with Tobias Kurth

In this exclusive Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Tobias Kurth discusses why we still don’t know what is behind the association between migraine and CV disease risk, the need for better classification of migraine to understand the link, and much more.
Heading in the wrong direction.

The State of Migraine Care in the UK: Long Waiting Times, Inconsistent Medication Access, and Not Enough Training

A new report from The Migraine Trust pulls together data from multiple sources to show that migraine care in UK nations is lacking. The situation is likely similar in the US and other regions, too.
Interview with Elena Ruiz de la Torre

To Advocate Is to Listen: A Conversation with Elena Ruiz de la Torre

In this Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Elena de la Torre discusses how her advocacy career started, the challenges of doing advocacy work on a global stage, finding ways to listen to the voices of people who have migraine, and much more.
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