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Chronic pain prevalence in LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Understanding Chronic Pain in the LGBTQIA2S+ Community

A new analysis of chronic pain prevalence in sexual minority populations shows that people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or “something else” live with more pain than straight individuals. The work reveals substantial differences within those populations, too.
An interview with Dr. Anna Pace

The Best and Most Gender-Affirming Headache Care: An Interview with Anna Pace

In this Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Dr. Anna Pace discusses what effective gender-affirming headache care should look like, headache medicine education, and much more.
Shared genetics of chronic pain

Different Chronic Pain Conditions – Including Headache – Have a Lot in Common

A new analysis reveals genetic evidence for shared biopsychosocial traits among eight kinds of chronic pain, including headache. Many of those traits had causal effects on pain.
Interview with Rashmi Halker Singh

Overcoming the Stigma and Stereotypes of Migraine: An Interview with Rashmi Halker Singh

Dr. Rashmi Halker Singh, who has migraine herself, speaks about why she’s so open about living with migraine, the stigma and stereotypes associated with the condition, and much more.

The Role of Lifestyle Factors in Migraine and How to Implement Behavioral Change: A Podcast with Elizabeth Seng

In this MSC podcast, Elizabeth Seng discusses how lifestyle factors, including stress, sleep, diet, and physical activity contribute to migraine, and the best way to implement behavioral change to improve the lives of people who have this disorder.

The Untapped Opportunity to Better Understand Migraine in Children and Adolescents: A Podcast with Serena Orr

In this MSC podcast, Serena Orr discusses her path to pediatric migraine research, some of her recent work on the role of anxiety and depression in kids with migraine, how adverse childhood experiences affect pediatric migraine, as well as the need for more funding of headache research.

Improving Headache Diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence

A recent proof-of-concept study shows that natural language processing and machine learning can accurately classify migraine versus cluster headache.
Vascular risk score and migraine.

Understanding the Links Between Migraine and Vascular Health

A new study finds that higher vascular risk scores are associated with lower chances of active or incident migraine.

Body and Mind, Emotion and Suffering, Consciousness and More: Pain Never Comes in a Pure Form – A Chat with Carl Saab

Professor Saab discusses the challenges of developing an objective pain diagnostic – including one for migraine – the nature of pain, and his vision for the future of migraine research and treatment.
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