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An interview with Debbie Hay.

CGRP, PACAP and Beyond: Understanding Current and Future Migraine Treatment Targets – An Interview with Debbie Hay

In this Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Professor Debbie Hay discusses her path to becoming a molecular pharmacologist, her work on GPCRs, and the future of migraine treatment.

Welcome to the Electome: An Interview with Rainbo Hultman

In this Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Rainbo Hultman discusses what inspired her to become a neuroscientist, her research on depression and migraine, and much more.
Interview with Anna Andreou

Approaching Migraine from All Angles: An Interview with Anna Andreou

In this exclusive Migraine Science Collaborative interview, Dr. Anna Andreou discusses her career path to becoming a headache disorder researcher, the projects she is working on, and much more.
Caffeine and migraine

New Insight into Caffeine’s Effects on Wakefulness, Sleep, and Brain Blood Flow

Researchers use a microchip/video system to show that chronic caffeine in mice has complex effects throughout the sleep–wake cycle and a paradoxical impact on brain blood flow. The findings have implications for understanding migraine as well as neurodegenerative diseases.
Migraine and pregnancy

The Impact of Migraine History and Medication Use on Pregnancy Outcomes

Recent studies contribute valuable findings by looking to two unique datasets.
The genetics of migraine

Talking Migraine Genetics: An Interview with Lyn Griffiths

In this MSC interview, Professor Griffiths discusses her career path to molecular genetics, key findings from migraine genetics research, links between migraine genes and the response to head trauma, and more.
Psilocybin for cluster headache.

Promising Signs for Psychedelic Use in Cluster Headache

A small study finds that low-dose psilocybin was safe and had a moderate effect size, though results did not reach statistical significance.
Is alcohol a migraine trigger?

Is Alcohol a Migraine Trigger?

A new prospective cohort study reports that alcohol does not trigger migraines, even suggesting that in some instances, it is associated with a lower probability of a migraine attack.

Headache Disorders in Veterans: A Big Problem

Two recent studies highlight the impact of headache and migraine in US veterans, with a focus on gender differences and other factors.
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