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Why Does Sumatriptan Only Work for Headache Disorders?

A new study further advances the case that the drug suppresses central sensitization, acting only in the trigeminal nociceptive system.

Mindfulness and Migraine: Is There a Link?

A new replication and extension study finds little to connect the trait of mindfulness with pain in healthy controls, nor is it associated with improvements in headache in people with migraine.

Career Advancement in the Headache Field: What Are the Obstacles? A Podcast with Irene de Boer and Gisela Terwindt

In this MSC podcast, two co-authors of a recent cross-sectional survey study discuss what is holding back the careers of headache professionals.
Eye squinting as an automated readout of pain.

More Than Meets the (Human) Eye: Headache Researchers Use Facial Detection Software as an Automated Readout of Pain in Mice

The new approach accurately detects squinting in response to CGRP and amylin, and proves superior to a manual strategy.
Pain avoidance in people with migraine

Pain Avoidance in People with Migraine

New research explores the behaviors and brain regions associated with avoidance of pain, including the role of pain coping.
e-TNS for migraine treatment

Making a Difference in Neurology and Headache Medicine with an Integrated Approach: An Interview with Deena Kuruvilla

Neurologist and headache specialist Deena Kuruvilla discusses her journey to headache medicine, her research, the benefits of non-pharmacological approaches for migraine, and much more.
Shivang Joshi

From Pharmacy to Neurology, the Art of Headache Medicine, and the Importance of Mentorship: A Chat with Shivang Joshi

Neurologist Shivang Joshi discusses his path from pharmacology to neurology, the art of headache medicine, his passion for educating and mentoring the next generation of neurologists and headache specialists, and much more.
Interview with Nasim Maleki

When the System Is Disrupted, a Better Understanding of Migraine Emerges: An Interview with Nasim Maleki

Professor Maleki discusses her path from medical physics to migraine research, the importance of studying migraine during transitional periods, her work exploring sex differences in migraine, and more.
Migraine prevalence

One in Two People Experience a Headache Disorder, an Updated Review Reports

New research extends upon the Global Burden of Disease study, finding that the prevalence of migraine has increased over time.
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