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Negative Data Matter Too: A Chat with Dan Levy about the Basic Science of Migraine

Professor Levy talks to MSC about his research, why negative data are important, some of the challenges and opportunities in the broader migraine field, and much more.

Modern Technology Applied to a Traditional Approach: A New Way to Assess Atrial Fibrillation Risk in Migraine Patients

A large study of 40,000 people with migraine shows that an artificial intelligence-enabled electrocardiogram predicts an increased risk of atrial fibrillation in patients with migraine with aura.
Podcast with Gregory Dussor

Improving the Animal Models of Migraine: A Podcast with Gregory Dussor

Professor Gregory Dussor discusses his career path, his work to develop better animal models of migraine, what's going well in the migraine field – and what needs to get better.
New Links Between Blood Proteins and Migraine

New Links Between Blood Proteins and Migraine

A genetic study reveals that five of the proteins show a causal relationship with migraine risk.
Trigemenial ganglia cell atlas

Location, Location, Location: Finding the Way to the Cell Types and Genes That Contribute to Migraine

A new trigeminal ganglia cell atlas in mice and people highlights the multiple cell types – both neuronal and non-neuronal – that are involved in migraine. The findings hold promise for the development of new migraine treatments.
Hadas Nahman-Averbuch

Young Investigator Spotlight on Hadas Nahman-Averbuch: A Lifespan Approach to Preventing Migraine

In this interview, Professor Nahman-Averbuch discusses her work, what it's like to launch a new lab, and her advice for young investigators.

PACAP Goes Its Own Way in Migraine

A new study reports that the PACAP signaling pathway is independent from the CGRP pathway, confirming the promise of PACAP as a drug target for migraine treatment.
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