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Nitric oxide and migraine

Solidifying the Link Between Nitric Oxide and Migraine

Two recent studies – one in people, one in animals – build the case for aberrant nitric oxide signaling in the pathophysiology of migraine. Experiments in mice implicate sex differences in mitochondrial function.
The geography of pain.

The Geography of Pain: Country versus Country, Province versus Province, State versus State

A recent study comparing pain levels between the US and Canada highlights the importance of socioeconomic status as a contributor to pain, as do subnational analyses in each country.
Sex differences in cluster headache.

“Women Can Get Cluster Headache Too”

The largest study so far of sex differences in cluster headache reports that more women than men experienced the chronic form of this condition, as well as longer bouts.

A New Approach to Migraine Treatment: Found in Translation?

A preclinical study reports that targeting an enzyme with a crucial role in protein synthesis improves hypersensitivity in rodent models of migraine. The strategy has promising therapeutic potential to treat migraine in people.

When a Migraine Lasts for Days: Gaining a Sense of the Scope of the Problem

A new study provides the first population-based estimate of the incidence of status migrainosus.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Chronic Pain, Including Migraine: More Than Black versus White

A new study examines pain prevalence in Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, multiracial and Native American adults in the United States. The work finds that differences between Black and White groups pale in comparison to differences between other racial/ethnic groups.

A Migraine Journey from New York City to Costa Rica and Back: A Chat with Migraine Patient Advocate Danielle Newport Fancher

In this MSC interview, migraine patient advocate Danielle Newport Fancher discusses her migraine journey, the problem of migraine stigma, and her advocacy efforts.
Data Visualizations

Cluster Headache: An Economic, Professional, and Personal Burden – A Data Visualization

This Migraine Science Collaborative data visualization depicts the effects of cluster headache on professional, social and family life, and on healthcare costs. How these effects differ between chronic cluster headache and episodic cluster headache is a particular focus.

Negative Data Matter Too: A Chat with Dan Levy about the Basic Science of Migraine

Professor Levy talks to MSC about his research, why negative data are important, some of the challenges and opportunities in the broader migraine field, and much more.
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