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MSC is a non-profit news website and information resource hub for the global community of migraine and headache basic scientists, clinical researchers, and clinicians. We provide news and analysis of the latest research findings, recaps of the scientific literature, interviews and podcasts, webinars, reader-generated commentary and discussion, as well as resources including a calendar of events, job and grant postings, and a member directory.

MSC is a program of the Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD), a non-profit organization with the mission of expanding the understanding of migraine by supporting research, education and awareness. Learn more about AMD here.

Currently, MSC is supported by AMD. In the future, MSC may accept philanthropy from individuals and educational grants from other organizations, such as scientific societies or companies.

All content on MSC is editorially independent; all editorial decisions are made solely by the MSC editorial staff, with no influence from our parent organization (AMD) or other funders.

While anyone can become a member, MSC is geared primarily to professionals working in any area of migraine research and/or care. MSC welcomes members at all career stages, including undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs, as well as investigators at more advanced career levels, working in academia, government, companies and other settings.

MSC membership gives website visitors the opportunity to contribute material to the site – for example, to comment on a news story or paper, to submit an event for our events calendar, or to post a job or grant opportunity. Most of all, becoming an MSC member helps build the migraine and headache community, with all members having the opportunity to post a profile in the MSC member directory and to connect with fellow members.

The more members MSC has, the stronger the community becomes. This will help bring more attention to migraine and headache research and care – areas that remain woefully underappreciated and underfunded.

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You must first be a registered member in order to post content on the site. Click here to register.

To submit a comment on MSC content, enter your comment in the box at the bottom of the page for the individual piece of content you wish to comment on. Your comment will then be reviewed by the MSC team. To submit a job, event listing or grant opportunity, send an email with the information to:

For Registered Members

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After logging in to MSC, go to the My Account page. There you can enter a new email address.

Your profile enables colleagues to learn about who you are and where your research and/or clinical interests lie. Based on your profile, a new potential colleague may reach out to you to learn more about your work and perhaps even ask you to explore a potential collaboration.

Your comments on MSC content are a key aspect of the site. Commenting gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge with an expert audience of clinicians, clinical researchers, and basic scientists. This advances discussion and debate that will move the field forward.

Doing so allows you to publicize your offering to a wide audience of experts interested in all things migraine and headache. This will help you fill a job opening, increase the number of attendees at your event, or boost the number of applicants for a grant opportunity.

Visit the Contact Us page or send an email to the MSC executive editor: