Migraine, Science Communications, and More: A Wide-Ranging Conversation on the Vets First Podcast

By MSC Staff | January 15, 2024 | Posted in

Editor’s note: MSC recently had the opportunity to take part in a Vets First Podcast, a podcast series hosted by Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea, University of Iowa, Iowa City, US. Read the description of the podcast below, which is followed by the recording. We thank the Vets First Podcast for allowing us to cross-post the podcast and episode summary on MSC.

Episode summary
In this episode of the Vets First podcast, Dr. Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea are joined by Neil Andrews for a collaborative interview.

Neil Andrews is the executive editor and a science journalist for the Migraine Science Collaborative, which serves as an online platform dedicated to a wide array of migraine-related research in pursuit of their mission statement, “To accelerate research advances in migraine and headache diseases.” Andrews explains how they aim to bridge the gap between complex scientific findings and a wider audience, ensuring that their content is accessible and informative for both experts and non-experts alike.

With a twist on our usual format, Neil conducts the first half of the interview and questions our hosts on the origins of the Vets First Podcast, which was created with a similar goal to communicate complex scientific issues to veterans and to better understand the issues they face. Levi and Brandon reflect on their interactions with veterans and the strength and resiliency needed to deal with unseen diseases like migraine. Our hosts explain how, in contrast to other areas of pain research, migraine research has seen continued innovations. Despite this, they emphasize the need for more scientists dedicated to the field.

In the second half of the interview, Brandon and Levi question Neil about his life as a science journalist and his work with the Migraine Science Collaborative. Having shared similar experiences in their pursuits of communicating research, the trio discusses the difficulties in conveying intricate scientific methodologies and techniques to non-specialists but emphasizes the importance of making these studies more accessible and understandable.

Overall, the episode offers a look into the complexities of migraine research, the challenges of communicating basic science, and the collaborative efforts aimed at advancing understanding and treatment for individuals affected by migraine.

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