NIH HEAL Initiative: Human Pain-associated Genes & Cells Data Coordination and Integration Center

By MSC Staff | February 2, 2023 | Posted in

The goal of this funding opportunity announcement is to support a Human Pain-associated Genes & Cells Data Coordination and Integration Center as part of the NIH HEAL Initiative’s Program to Reveal and Evaluate Cells-to-gene Information that Specify Intricacies, Origins, and the Nature of Human Pain (PRECISION Human Pain).The Data Coordination and Integration Center will curate, harmonize, and integrate comprehensive -omics and cellular function datasets generated by companion U19 Centers for Discovery and Functional Evaluation of Human Pain-associated Genes & Cells, which include the characterization of functional genetic elements, epigenetic signatures, and molecular/cellular pathways that underlie human pain signal transduction, transmission and processing.

The Human Pain-associated Genes & Cells Data Coordination and Integration Center will lead efforts to establish spatial and semantic standards for managing heterogeneous human pain-associated data types and information, collect and register multimodal human pain-associated data to common neural tissue coordinate systems, and establish a web-accessible information system that can be widely used throughout the research community. A central goal of the PRECISION Human Pain network is to generate comprehensive, integrated datasets, maps, and other resources on human genes and cellular function phenotypes underlying the heterogeneity, pathogenesis and susceptibility to specific pain conditions.

Application due date: March 9, 2023

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