The 2022 Migraine Science Collaborative Virtual Poster Contest

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The November 30th event featured up-and-coming researchers who are investigating migraine and other topics with significant implications for this condition.

The Migraine Science Collaborative recently hosted its second annual poster contest, featuring up-and-coming researchers who study migraine and other topics relevant to the pathophysiology, diagnosis or treatment of this condition.

The thirteen finalists – undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs from the United States, Canada, and Europe – were selected to participate in the November 30, 2022, virtual event on the basis of posters they presented at the 2022 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego.

These young investigators gave brief talks on their research, competing in four categories: migraine; pain and epilepsy; special sensory systems and comorbidities; and physiology, diagnosis and therapeutics. One first-place winner was chosen in each category (see below for full list of first-place winners and runners-up).

“The presentations were outstanding, and the researchers’ knowledge, enthusiasm, and poise really shone through. This bodes well for the continued advancement of the field of migraine science,” said the University of Toledo’s Gretchen Tietjen, who served as a judge for the live event.

From neuroimaging of brain and trigeminovascular changes during migraine to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic-related disruptions on neuroinflammation in chronic pain, from the role of potassium channels in the function of vestibular hair cells to the impact of traumatic brain injury on neuronal plasticity, contestants described an abundance of basic science and clinical studies poised to advance the field.

“All the presentations provided novel information that could help guide future research on migraine pathology or treatment and many described new models or the use of cutting-edge technologies,” said Missouri State University’s Paul Durham, one of the judges for the event. “Even as an experienced basic science researcher, the research presented helped to expand the way I view the migraine field.”

The first-place winners from each category, along with the runners-up, include:

Category: Migraine

First place winner


Micah Johnson, PhD student, University of Iowa, US





Lauriane Delay, PhD, postdoc, Physics for Medicine Laboratory, INSERM, France




Victor Chua, PhD student, University of Utah, US




Rebecca Hornung, PhD, postdoctoral research associate, Texas A&M University School of Dentistry, US



Category: Pain and Epilepsy

First place winner


Giuseppe Cataldo, PhD, postdoc, Queen’s College, City University of New York, US





Ludovica Brusaferri, PhD, postdoc, Harvard Medical School, US




Evana Xiao, master’s student, Trent University, Canada




Category: Special Sensory Systems and Comorbidities

First place winner


Shafaqat Rahman, PhD student, University of Rochester, US





Hannah Martin, PhD student, University of Chicago, US




Assan Mary Cédras, PhD student, University of Montreal, Canada




Category: Physiology/Diagnosis/Therapeutics

First place winner


Seifaldin Selim Aldalil, undergraduate student, Sewanee: The University of the South, US





Juliet Mwirigi, PhD student, UT Dallas, US




Ariege Bizanti, PhD student, University of Central Florida, US



For more information about the event, visit here.


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